Some Sustainable Designers Infiltrating London Fashion Week – Makal


A result of the founder, Daniela Colaiacovo’s 15 years of experience building the world’s first ethical gold mine, Makal is a jewellery brand facilitating the sustainable and ethical mining industry. Having launched in 2019, their exhibited LFW collection was their first. All the materials used are responsibly sourced, either using fair-trade gold, certified diamonds from the Responsible Jewellery Council or certified emeralds, packaged in fully sustainable boxes made from Forest Restoration Alliance certified paper.

In words of founder Daniela Colaiacovo:“When we talk about ethical mines, it means that we firstly mine the gold without using any chemicals (i.e. cyanide or mercury) – we process the gold purely with water. The second thing is that we reuse and recycle all the tailing materials which are typical of a mining company. The third thing is that we help illegal miners become legal and then to form into independent co-operatives.”

“After so many years spent in mining, my desire was to create a brand that could have access directly to the consumer, to create a piece of jewellery that the customer was confident about wearing – an ethical piece of jewellery. The way I did it was to use natural gold nuggets that came from the mine, preserve the natural beauty and essence of the stone, and turn it into a unique piece of jewellery.”

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