Batea Necklace

SKU: BT001PE01


This necklace is handcrafted to replicate the shape of the batea, inspired by the ancient Mayan artisanal method of gold extraction. A geometric, handcrafted chain leads to a gold nugget, set in a recyled, burnished silver pendant.

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The Batea

MAKAL’s Batea Collection is inspired by ancient artisanal methods of gold extraction. Panning gold by hand is as old as Mayan civilisation itself.

Batea is Spanish for ‘gold pan’. The Batea is traditionally made of a solid piece of wood in a rounded and shallow shape.

The shape provides the perfect setting for MAKAL’s gold nuggets and the world famous Muzo emeralds.


Recycled certified SCS burnished silver (29,1gr) and gold nugget (app. 1,8 gr). Selected from known and trusted artisanal mines and recovered naturally, chemical-free and untreated.