Heart Ring

SKU: MK001RG01


This stunning contemporary ring is part of the Heart line in which the nuggets become jewels. These pieces are characterised by solidity and power. The Heart Ring comprises a thick gold curled band, with one squared end and the other finished with a striking gold nugget.

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The Circle

The Circle Collection is inspired by the Mayan cycle of life: nothing is ever born or dies.

The cycle continues forever, infinite and uninterrupted. The collection comprises three lines, embodying the journey of unique and totally natural gold nuggets: offered by the Earth, embraced by the Heart, reflected in the Cosmos.

Makal’s pieces are all designed and handcrafted in Italy. They are ethical and sustainable, all the way from mine to customer. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.


18k Fairtrade certified gold and a single gold nugget (app. 2,6 gr), selected from known and trusted artisanal mines and recovered naturally, chemical-free and untreated.


Available in all sizes.
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