Matumaini Gold Nugget Bracelet


(N.) Hope
Orange / The colour of your chosen bracelet’s cord stands for hope, creativity and enthusiasm.

Part of the profit from each bracelet sold will go to a project in Kenya that supports artisanal women’s mining groups.

Circle of Hope

This capsule collection symbolises a call to stay hopeful and resilient.
Throughout history, the gold nugget has been seen as an asset of refuge in troubled times.

The ancient Mayans – who provide the inspiration for MAKAL – believed that these nuggets represented hope, good fortune and resilience by surviving the passage of time buried deep inside the Earth.


The gold nugget (app.0,7 gr) is paired with reclaimed silver clasps and coloured yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, using a mechanical not a chemical process. The nuggets are sourced directly from our partner in Canada and recovered naturally, chemical-free and untreated. The piece is designed and handcrafted in Italy.