Pearlescence Pearl and Gold Drop Earrings


The Pearlescence earrings add a linear quality to the collection. Tapering to a luminous pearl, the earrings draw attention to the ears and neck. These threaded earrings will elevate any look in an instant. A stylish piece with a strong sense of composition in its design.

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Lustre is a stunning new collection, continuing the MAKAL tradition of capturing the beauty of raw ingredients in their natural forms.

Inspired by the morning dew present in the cool of a calm spring’s day, Lustre brings to mind the pearlescent dewdrops that form on each leaf and blade of grass. With silhouettes inspired by leaves, this series conveys cognisance and elegance through contrasting pearls and gold nuggets.


18k Fairtrade certified gold and a gold nugget (approximately 0,7 gr. each), sourced directly from our partner in Canada and recovered naturally; chemical-free and untreated. The baroque pearls are cultured freshwater from a trusted supplier using only known sources.


Length 11cm