Xaracca Journal 2023

Xaracca Journal 2023
Xaracca Journal 2023


The Agora, Six Senses Spa, Ibiza

MAKAL is very excited and honoured to be a part of a collective of change makers at the Agora, a Six Senses Spa in Ibiza.

The centre for fashion and sustainability has been curated by Daniela Agnelli (Vogue, The Telegraph) and Tiffanie Drake (Sunday Times Style, Harrods).

Agora’s story has been segmented into four value pillars. Recycle, Restore, Reduce and Rent. ‘These are the ways we can shop more sustainably’, says the Agora curator, Daniele Agnelli.

Daniela Colaiacovo is on a mission for change. As the founder of Makal – an ethical jewellery brand and Agora favourite, her designs are loved for their organic shapes and unique use of gold. But there’s more to Daniela’s work. “My background is not in fashion or jewellery,” she explains. “Though I grew up in a creative environment, my family has been in mining for generations.”

Her father was a visionary entrepreneur and among the original pioneers of ethical mining, and his lasting influence on Daniela is evident. “He was inspirational. Very advanced for his generation in terms of environmental issues,” she tells me. “He knew that he wanted to mine differently, without chemicals. When we started to mine together in the early 2000s, we knew that we wanted to change the industry and make a difference.”

MAKAL was founded to create beautiful jewellery while driving change in the global mining industry.  No small feat at all!

The message we send is all about responsibility; for our planet, for the people we work with and for the supply chain we choose to use.

One of our core values is responsible sourcing. By diligently practising this commitment, we have developed a profound understanding of our supply chains and the methods for extracting the materials we use at MAKAL. Every supplier is committed to responsible sourcing. Each artisan working on our pieces is committed to following the traditions of the ancient Florentine goldsmith community.

In a fast-fashion world, our business practices are about doing our bit to protect our environment from negative impacts and stopping traditional crafts from dying out.

Stay tuned to hear the news of our new collection launching at the Agora in July!

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