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Nuance Pearl and Gold Nugget Earrings

Made In Italy

Blending the innate natural beauty of natural gold nuggets with the best contemporary jewellery design, MAKAL investment pieces are a bridge between our ancient roots and the future we believe in.

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Autumn favourites

When the temperature drops and it's time to pull out your autumn wardrobe, these items are a fantastic match.

  • Lustre

  • Circle-of-Hope-collection-Makal-nuggets-on-a-thread-bracelets

    Circle of Hope

  • The Circle

We honour the raw beauty of nature's gold

Each natural gold nugget that comes from the earth retains its individuality in our jewellery.

When you buy your one-of-a-kind MAKAL piece, it will arrive with its own certified ID code so you can trust the provenance of the gold and gems you have invested in.

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