• We are committed to responsible sourcing

  • We are committed to minimising waste

  • We are committed to sustainable packaging

  • We are committed to artisanal craftsmanship

  • We are committed to empowering women

We have deliberately adopted a made-to-order approach to our jewellery production. Made -to-order drastically reduces stock piling of precious resources and helps minimise manufacturing waste, as we only create what you need and will use.

This means each item of jewellery you purchase from us here at makal.com will be handcrafted especially for you.

Designing by Statement Collections, not Seasons

The fashion industry traditionally operates a seasonal buying cycle, whereby new collections are released twice a year which then become redundant and marked on sale to make way for new designs. It’s an intensive cycle that has been called increasingly into question as consumers begin to appreciate the extraordinary amount of waste created by this fake concept of continual demand.

At MAKAL, we have made a commitment to design individual statement collections and not to follow the rapid turnaround of traditional fashion industry production seasons. Each MAKAL collection has a unique story, design journey and identity. And each collection is developed in its own time and offered for sale on a made-to-order basis, without the false narrative of ‘last-chance’ stocks running low. We hope you enjoy exploring our designs journey with us, and invite you to dip in and out of each collection at your leisure.